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Zagg Invisible SHIELD Review

The screen protector goes on fairly easily and sticks incredibly well with no air bubbles.
The shield adheres to the screen better than any other shield I have ever used.
Invisible it’s not! The shield has a texture commonly refered to as orange peel and in my opinion makes the iPhone look cheap. The shield also has a tacky feel that I don’t like. The tackiness slows down my finger when I am playing games like Bejeweled. I also tried my stylus on the Zagg shield and the extra drag is definitely noticeable.
The main reason I use a shield is to prevent smudges and in this regard the Zagg Shield does a good job.

Update 8/14/2012

I upgraded to the Zagg Invisible Shield HD for $5.00 more and all my complaints are erased.

It still sticks better than any shield I have tried and it has a nice smooth looking surface without the tacky feel. I’m a happy camper now!