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Kindle Voyage

I got my new Kindle Voyage a few days ago after returning the Paperwhite model. What a difference!

Higher resolution display
Screen brightness consistent over entire surface
Improved page turn speed
Incredibly easy to read in direct sunlight
Added controls for page turning
Better location for power switch


Due to the nature of e-ink displays, the page turn will never be as good as an iPad. That being said, the page turn speed is much improved and I don’t hesitate to flip back a page to check something on the previous page.

I also found the font more pleasing than I did on the Paperwhite model. I can only attribute that to the higher resolution. (300 vs 220 dpi)

The new page turn controls on the bezels are handy especially when I hold the unit with my left hand because I don’t have to reach across the screen with my thumb to turn the page.

I would definitely recommend the Voyage, it is worth the higher cost.

Don’t believe the battery life claims. I like to keep the brightness control on 20 out of 24 and the battery level is less than half in 4 days.
I will know more after I’ve had the unit for a while. I can live with that because it is such a pleasure to read.


Kindle Paperwhite

I bought my first Kindle a month ago. It was the Paperwhite model and I was less than thrilled with it.

Light weight
Long battery life

Sluggish Page turns
Screen resolution troubled me
Screen brightness not consistent across the page (slight purple haze near bottom of screen).

Let me elaborate. I own an iPad and have been using smartphones since 2007. I’m accustomed to high resolution displays with fast page turns.

With the Kindle Paperwhite I could see the page redraw and it was a distraction. It was slow enough to cause me to hesitate flipping back a page to check something. I also found the font wanting, I was never quite happy with the way it looked.

Anyway, I return the Paperwhite after reading a review of the Voyage model. I bought the Voyage and you can read my review of that unit.

Hint: I liked it!