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Speed cube impressions

I started cubing about 6 weeks ago with a basic Rubik’s Cube that I bought at a toy store for $10. I then proceeded to look up solutions on the web and I discovered that there was a large selection of speed cubes that could only be found online. After some deliberation I chose a stickerless Dayan Zhanchi for about $12 Plus shipping and it turned out to be an incredible cube. Well now I got bit by the cubing bug. For grins I bought a Shenshou for $6 off Amazon. It is a nice cube, much better than the original Rubik’s cube but it catches when the cubies are slightly misaligned.

Ten days ago I ordered 3 new cubes, a Dayan GuHong stickerless, a Cube4U, and another Dayan Zhanchi but stickered this time.

The order just arrived today and I decided to write down my first impressions.

Cube4U ($10) – It was nice and smooth, pre-lubricated I believe. This cube seems like modern version of the original Rubik’s cube. It has the same problem as the Shenshou and Rubik’s, it hangs on slight misalignments. Otherwise it is a nice cube.

GuHong ($12) – Very fast straight out of the box. Can’t distinguish it visually from my original Zhanchi. It is adjusted quite loose and I don’t feel like it needs any lubing so far.

ZhanChi (55) ($12.50) – I didn’t think any cube could be better than my original ZhanChi until I tried this one. It just blows me away. I don’t know if it the 2 mm size difference but this cube is so fast and accurate it is hard to believe.