Picasa Manage and view all the photos on your PC.

Sketchup 3D modeling program.

Foxitreader Fast PDF reader.

GNUBG Very strong backgammon game. I paid $100 for a backgammon game that wasn’t as good as this one. Great user interface.

Faststone Image Viewer Supports two monitors!

Photo Story 3 Make a collection of photos into a movie. Much better than a slide show and so simple to use.

Strokeit Mouse gestures make using a web browser so much easier.

Password Agent Manage all your passwords in one place and access them with one password.


3 comments so far

  1. Alex Mednick on

    Hiya from Costa Rica!

    your blog has very useful info


  2. Dr Ravi singh on

    my child has pulled the wire of my iphone charges from phone end (usb end is good)
    ihv opend with a mechaniqe but don’t know where to connect all 4 wire, red, green, black and white, i appreciate if u can help

    • fastdad on

      I suggest you buy a new cable. If you must do it yourself, search for “iPhone charger cable pinouts” and you will find the information you need.

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