On the day that Apple started selling the iPad 2 (3/11/2011) I found a great deal on the iPad 1 on Craigslist. I scored a 32 Gig iPad with an Incase leather case and a screen protector for $350.

I already have an iPhone 4 and am heavily invested in apps, both paid and free, which loaded on the iPad with no problems. I really can’t think of any reason why I would want an iPad 2 other than speed.

How do I use the iPad…let me count the ways.
For starters, I am writing this post on the iPad using an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard that I also use on my iMac.
When I am cooking from a recipe, I have the iPad in the kitchen.
When I am working on my bicycle forks and I need the instructions, the iPad is in the garage.
When I am watching TV I am playing games on the iPad during commercials.
When I’m eating alone I read a book on the iPad or read other blogs online.

The screen is beautiful and the unit never gets hot like most laptops.
The screen is not very visible outdoors in daylight but for me that is not a problem.


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