iPhone Multitasking


Today I drove to Infineon Raceway for yet another motorcycle track day and I used my TomTom turn by turn navigation program to see if it worked better on the iPhone 4. The program definitely loads faster and acquires the GPS signal faster and it doesn’t drop out as often as it did on my 3G. In addition, I was listening to Pandora in the background and since the phone was in a dashboard mount, I decided to take a video of the road ahead using the included camera app. Everything worked flawlessly and I was also able to switch to the front camera and video myself driving. Pretty cool!

I just found out that the latest version of Waze (free software) also has turn by turn navigation and will be trying it out soon.

Voice Control

Finally I can voice dial using my bluetooth headset. It is a little awkward because I cannot initiate voice commands from the headset. One must press the home button on the phone for a few secondsĀ  to activate the voice command feature. Once activated it does work quite well. Very convenient while driving!


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