Microsoft’s ‘’ Fiasco!

I am not a Microsoft basher, I have been using Microsoft software since the early ’80s and have come to expect it to be pretty solid and have a fairly consistent user interface by the time they release any new software.

For some time now I have been looking for a clean way to share my Bookmarks (Favorites) online and to have it synchronize automatically with my browser’s Bookmarks.

I am not impressed with sites like because there is too much going on. I just want one line per bookmark just like the browser presents it.

So I discovered Microsoft’s ‘’. Not the most intuitive URL but oh well.

I signed up and imported my Favorites for IE7 without any problems.

Guess what? Nobody can see my links and I have to log in to see them, not very useful.

Now the instructions tell me that I have to create an account on ‘’ and enable Favorites sharing.

OK, I do that but it turns out that all 250 bookmarks that I uploaded are marked as private. Should be no problem to change that, right?

Wrong! There is no way to select all the bookmarks and mark them as shared. You have do them one at a time. To make matters worse, if you have more than one screen full, each time you click the share button the screen resets to the top of the list so you have to scroll down to the page you were on to continue the sharing process.

But wait, there’s more! I have my Favorites organized in folders. I have yet to find a way to sort the folders in alphabetical order. You can sort the links within a folder but not the folders themselves.

OK. At least the folders are listed in a pane on the left and the contents are in a pane on the right and they are presented in the full browser window now I go over to ‘’ and look at my Favorites and all the folders and files are mixed together and are presented in a little box in the browser. Not what I wanted at all.

I know I sound quite negative but I have to wonder if it is that hard to find good software QA people. I am a software engineer and I have done QA in the past and would be happy to do it for a reasonable price if Microsoft was interested and serious about getting it right.


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